Friday, 1 February 2008


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here is the next installment of the one law for mp's blog. In this instance its the one law for Cardiff County Council and one for the rest of us. I wonder if the Tax payers Alliance will look into the issues that this blog raises. apologies for the language but I believe that it reflects the effects of their neglect over time on the tenant.


Well Thursday came at 1330 hrs the A. Wipe that inhabits 15A buggered off. At 1400 hrs a Cardiff County Council van turns up with some women, just hanging around at the front gate, at 1409 hrs I went to find out if it was this Lisa Clarke and sure enough it was. I let her know that she could gain access.

Turns out that they change the meter for the landlords electric, lo and behold later on 2130 hrs I notice that the hall lights leading to the upstairs flat is working. Question did the low life scumbag that lives above, if you call it life. Make a complaint that it wasn’t working and if so why didn’t she arrange with him to open the effing door?????

Not long after they had left I notice two middle aged women walking nonchalantly down the path. At least they had the decency to shut the gate (not like Lisa Clarke n the electric boys). So as they are hanging around in the lush motor, you know those gas-guzzling motors that those who need such things to prop up their egos love to ponce around in, at the taxpayer’s expense. I go to find out ‘Can I help you?’

Well they were looking at providing a new front door for 15A. I had to enlightening the lady one Lyn John that actually it serves both properties. I didn’t explain why I stopped using that door for my daily comings and goings. But for the record, after I discovered that the miscreant above had one of his girlfriends urging her toddler to get his hand through the letterbox to break in, and also to my waking one morning, only to find the same door wide open. From then on I blocked it off IN ORDER TO STOP ANY FURTHER THEFT and now that space serves me as a storage area.

No doubt that was time my two journals were stolen. So I need access via the front door in order to top up my gas, and to collect my mail. (See video on youtube regarding privacy of mail) So I hope that this Mrs Lyn John gets me a set of keys, when the new door is fixed. I wonder if the A.Wipe complained about the state of the door and the council then jump to his tune. Pity Mrs Lyn John hasn’t done anything about having a lap-lock fence between my back and 15A so that I don’t have to keep sticking the bin bags to the bamboo just to keep these thieves from it.

You’ll be bleeding lucky Crazydave. Funny how they will move mountains for a privately owned property but will do nothing for one of there tenants eh Crazydave. The other thing is that at 0330 hrs this morning I had to go and flip the trip switch to knock off the stairwell light.


Housing associations use timed button switches giving enough time for their tenants to get to their rooms before the lights go off again. Not Cardiff County Council they make pretend that they are oh so environmentally friendly, but they are only to happy for that turkey to have the stairwell light on 24/7 and happily pay the bill. I wonder how many other homeowners would like the council to pay for the lighting in their homes?????

Because, that is what this current arrangement amounts to. I does bother me slightly that the wiring for their meter goes into a box at the back of mine, that really would be more lauding of their ‘fcuk you’ attitude to me. So what am I left with, opening doors so that bastards get their lighting free gratis off the council? Pity they didn’t wire the lighting to his meter seeing as he is the one with the problem. Why the ‘eff’ are the council paying for it? And if they are happy to, why aren’t they fitting an energy saving system in place rather than, ‘oh we’ve got money to throw away on the tenant of 15A’. But nothing for the tenant of number 15, other than their shitty letters????

Its just part of their victimization Crazydave, just more of the same from them. Nice to swish around in a nice big motor, and not know how the properties they are looking at are formed on the inside isn’t it. How much do they pay that women and why are there two of them? I thought the council needed to save money, but it seems over manning is par for the course with these people.



Well what do you think people are you happy that then council are providing doors for a home owner, maybe you ought to ask if they will pay for yours, maybe you ought to ask them to pay for you stair lighting while your at it cos they are happy to do that for this privately owned property. When I left this afternoon and tripped the switch back on the lights came on so it could well have been on all through the night and day for all this Criminally negligent council care. Yet with all this still I have to live under the theif, who appears to have all and sundry on his side, even to the cops unwillingness to investigate the disparity in his gas and electric ussage during the three years he was cohabiting with the women who bore his child. Its a funny old world init.

Do I expect a reply form Cardiff County Council to this email, I doubt that after all they have been malfeasant to the rest of them. Would they be honest with their reply if I did.
I also wonder if Judge Hickinbottom can be said to plead guilty by association by not suing me for slandering his 'good name' achem, really he is as culpable as the rest in the Criminal Negligence of Crazydave and all other vulnerable adults in the uk. Just as culpable as Lisa Clarke just as culpable as this Lyn John.

I wonder if there is a bungalow somewhere in this country near the sea that will be available to me soon and out of the hands of Cardiff County Council. As for the European Court I ask that you move to let me know if you are to make a judgement soon, so that I can live in peaceful enjoyment somewhere, or have I to do something drastic in order to experdite a judgement on all the issues my blogs have raised. With the hope of being free from these bastards.

ALL THE BEST PEOPLE in this instance acountable local government.

By the way this will need to be sent to the usual suspects via a new hotmail email account just incase they have placed my last in junk. The parliamentary standards commissioner is still in hiding, and Brian Gibbon and Edwina hart have new email addresses. Nicholas bournes the one given on the Assemblies web site is apparently non-existant, perhaps jonathan morgan will let him know. Because the Standards deptartment at the assembly have ignored complaints of malfeasance.

Judge Hickinbottom continues to aid and abet the welsh assembly in the Criminal Negligence of Crazydave, don't you Judge. Along with the House of Lords members.

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